Courses for companies/organizations

Yoga and/or mindfulness classes for your employees at your office at a time suitable for you. 


  • Greater physical and mental wellbeing,
  • Increased ability to deal with stress,
  • Improved focus and efficiency,
  • Better interpersonal relationships,
  • Improved communication skills,
  • And many more! 

Course packages:

  • 10-week mindfulness course - 90 minutes per week over 10 weeks to give your employees a deep understanding of mindfulness and techniques they can use at work and beyond. 
  • 20-hour handling stress and avoiding burnout course - mindfulness, breathwork and yoga techniques combined with the latest research and stratgies on handling stress and avoiding burnout. This course will help employees recognise and deal with symptoms of stress, understand what burnout looks and feels like and how they can take steps to avoid it.
  • Weekly yoga classes at your offices - 60/90 minutes per week at a time and location chosen by you. 
  • Weekly meditation classes at your offices or online - 45/60 minutes per week for your employees to learn and practice meditation. 

One-off workshops:

  • 90-minute introduction to mindfulness - this short workshop introduces the concept of mindfulness and gives you and your colleagues the chance to learn some techniques to become more present and productive in your daily lives. 
  • 90-minute at-your-desk yoga - this workshop teaches some amazing yoga stretches and practices that you can do from your desks. You will learn sitting and standing stretches to improve posture, increase energy, release stress and tension and improve focus. No yoga mats or change of clothes required! 
  • 60/90-minute introduction to mindful breathing - this short but powerful workshop gives you an introduction to using the breath as an incredible tool to enhance your daily life. You'll learn how the breath can help you calm down in moments of stress, how it can energize you when you're feeling tired and how it can be used for a better night's sleep. 

See prices for more information.

I've delivered training for the follow organizations among many others: 

  • International Montessori School of Prague
  • Amazon
  • DOREA Educational Institute 
  • Verto Education
  • CEA Study Abroad 
  • AIFS
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