Thank you so much for the inspiring course in Prague. It was delightful and I learned a lot. With the help of the new breathing techniques I managed to achieve a new ice swimming record of 3 minutes! But not only that, I am now swimming more mindfully. So thank you Jenny for improving my performance. 


I've had a really rough few years with health and life in general. I was running on autopilot. I tried therapist, doctors...all sorts. But still felt awful in all manner of ways. Then I started seeing Jenny. I felt a change/shift almost instantly. I knew it was helping but didn't realise just how much until I couldn't meet with her for a couple weeks and noticed how bad I felt after slipping back into old habits. Changing my mindset has made such a difference to my well-being. And Jenny herself is an absolute pleasure to talk to. She is kind and caring and her calm voice alone makes me feel instantly relaxed. In the past I struggled with things like meditation. I found it too hard to let go. Jenny eased me in gently and helped guide me to a place I'm comfortable with. I highly recommend Jenny. Her knowledge, expertise and demeanour are exceptional. I feel completely comfortable with her. I'm now an advocate for mindfulness and wholeheartedly believe everyone should have a Jenny in their life. Thank you, Jenny. I'm not exaggerating when I say you've changed my life. It really is the small shifts that can make such a big difference. Thank you for opening my eyes. Forever grateful.


'I attended Jenny's yoga class today and I have to say that finally after 4 years of trying many studios and teachers, she's the one whose style works for me the most. She was walking around the class correcting postures and giving helpful tips. Thank you loads. What an amazing class today!'


'Jenny has a very calm teaching style which makes the session feel very relaxed. Great attention to each individual in a small class, and she paid attention to my movement in relation to a recent injury/ surgery I was recovering from. Great value for money and came out of classes feeling great.'

Jac B

'I loved participating in Jenny's yoga class! Jenny is full of knowledge and experience in the practice. At the same time so sensitive and connected, I felt I can completely let go into the practice, it felt so good. Its a combination of clear mind and open heart - Jenny thank you!'

Neta L

'It was really a pleasure to meet Jenny - always smiling yoga lector with positive attitude, willing to help, navigate and last but not least to provide dedicated instructions and methods how to work with your breath properly and follow correct movements and steps in each yoga pose. Fully recommended.'

Veronika K

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